Church Behind Bars


Church Behind Bars is a movement designed to build up the Body of Christ living behind the walls. For too long, the church on the outside has failed to recognize incarcerated believers as members of the Church. This mindset misses the mark of God’s design. He is no respecter of persons. Equipping and empowering all of His followers, God promises a productive and fruitful life regardless of a prison sentence

Church Behind Bars is a MOVEMENT


Faithfully, we have set the table and served the feast of God’s goodness and salvation, by storming the prisons with the Great Commission for many years. The impact of this type of ministry remains significant, resulting in many decisions for Christ. Unfortunately this prison ministry model also creates a sense of “co-dependency” upon the outside for strength and encouragement. Instead of empowering them to take ownership of their own walk and grow into a leadership role, inmates just wait until thenext prison ministry comes in to spoon feed them.



It is time to unveil the Church Behind Bars. This movement is designed to identify incarcerated champion leaders. As indigenous missionaries, they become groomed in leadership and ministry skills to support the chaplaincy program at their prison facility. They know the language, understand the culture, and most importantly, they have permanent residence to carry out the work of the Holy Spirit in the absence of outside minsters. This 12 month model activates and commissions the church behind bars to take their mission field for Christ. There is no one better qualified to reach another inmate than an inmate already experiencing the power and love of God

Broken into four modules, the CBB Movement trains and equips leaders to function as a church body.

1 ~ Identify and Raise up Leaders

The first 3 months focuses primarily on their true identity in Christ. Good leadership starts from within and flows outward.  By digging them out from underneath the wreckage of past choices, their image bearing identity emerges and begins to spread its wings.
Specifically, we’ll address any hidden issues that could:
1. Cause them to be unsuccessful in their role as a leader.
2. Cause them to shrink back in the heat of the battle, thereby aborting their "mission."

2 ~ Train and Equip Leadership

In this module we begin to train and equip leaders to become mentors and disciple others. We also teach them how to minister and help others who come to the chaplaincy program looking to improve their quality of life.

3 ~ Encourage and Activate

During these 3 months, the training covers the roles and ministry within the church. We then activate leaders through “hands-on” experience to apply the previous 6 months training in ministering to others.

4 ~ Commission and Release

The final module commissions and releases leaders in their gifts and specific callings within the church body. This enables them to plan, organize and conduct the chaplaincy program, assisting the chaplain with the growth of the “Church Behind Bars.” Our final celebration is ending the year with a graduation ceremony.

View Church Behind Bars Pilot Results here:

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