Healing Wings Core Values

Healing Wings Ministries' core values are based on God's blueprint for relationship. We are created for relationship! The two greatest commandments in the Bible can be summed up first in vertical relationship, "Love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your mind, and with all your strength." Then overflowing into a horizontal relationship of, "Love your neighbor as yourself". 


INTIMACY WITH THE GODHEAD ~ Jesus gave his life to restore our relational intimacy with the Father. As Healing Wings Ministries, we find our identity IN Christ, not in our activities FOR Christ! When we discover who Christ says we are and live out of that amazing identity, it transforms every other relationship or activity we engage in. We are committed to growing in intimacy through experiential knowledge as we encounter the Father, Jesus Christ, and Holy Spirit.

ANCHORED IN THE WORD OF GOD ~ God's word is our source of truth and instructions for life both in ministry and personally. We are passionate in pursuing a greater understanding and deeper revelation through the study of the Bible.

DEPENDENT ON PRAYER ~ We are committed to saturate all things in prayer. Prayer in Healing Wings Ministries comes from a bridal position of favor and delight in the presence of her bridegroom. It’s our privilege to seek the heart of God in order to pray for the things of this world to come into alignment with heaven.

~ We believe in living an upgraded lifestyle of worship. This is released through thanksgiving, praise, prayer, sacrifice and creativity. This focuses our hearts on encountering Jesus.

CULTIVATING A LIFESTYLE OF REST through ABIDING IN CHRIST ~ We are committed to living from the overflow of God’s abiding presence. Like Moses, we cannot move forward without God’s presence going with us! His presence and His rest go hand in hand (Ex. 33:44). Operating in rest is how we truly partner with God to finish well in accomplishing all He has commissioned us to do.


LOVING OTHERS ~ We abide in Jesus by loving others! Loving others is a powerful act of worship. We worship God by allowing our intimacy to spill over to touch those around us, as an overflow of his presence. By our love for others, the world will know Who we belong to!

COMMITTED TO UNITY ~ Unity is powerful. It’s the expression of God’s fullness through one accord. Unity isn't blending together in such a way that we all look the same. Instead, it’s diversity functioning together with one purpose and one passion to make up the greater whole. Together we have everything it takes to make the greatest impact on any God-given assignment!

PARTNERED WITH THE CHURCH ~ We actively look for strategic ways to partner with local churches, ministries, communities and believers in order to accomplish the fullness of God’s purposes. God loves His bride! Fully alive and fully aligned, the Church is coming into her finest hour! God simply will not advance and build through our ministry in the same way He has ordained to do through the body of Christ!


GOD'S DESIGN FOR WHOLENESS ~ The work of the cross was a complete work providing salvation, healing and deliverance for the whole person: body, soul and spirit. We are committed to doing whatever it takes in order to model wholeness in our personal lives and ministry.

CHARACTER OVER GIFTS ~ We believe a person's character is far more important than their gift. Gifts can be given, but character and fruits of the Spirit must be grown. Our desire is to be a cultivating atmosphere where people will flourish in who they are in Christ, and then live out that identity through their "giftedness".

INTEGRITY, HONOR, AND STEWARDSHIP ~ It’s the currency of God’s Kingdom! We seek to model excellence in our character by being a ministry of integrity and a culture of honor, as well as being good stewards of the blessings God has given us.