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"The anointing and mandate of Healing Wings Ministries is a tool which brings breakthrough and ignites God's fire within individuals and communities. HWM brings healing and teaching around Christ-centered identity, with equipping of individuals to walk in their giftings and accomplish what God has called them up to."
~ Sr. Pastor David Thompson
"Debbie Milligan is a woman of exceptional integrity, insight, and talent. Her uniquely beautiful vocal ability combines with her excellent guitar work to create a sound and style that will appeal to people of all ages and musical tastes. More than anything, however, Debbie's deep commitment to Christ shines through everything she says and does in the context of her musical ministry. I recommend her with great enthusiasm. She will be a unique blessing to the people of any congregation."
~ Rev. Brian C. Sirchio, Three Lakes, WI

Invite HWM to partner with you in reaching the lost and broken, or host us for a worshipful concert woven with original songs and inspiration stories.

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Invite Healing Wings and Debbie Milligan

Healing Wings Ministries doesn’t require a set amount or fee for their ministry. They do require all travel, food, and lodging expenses to be covered by the hosting church or organization; anything beyond this, such as an honorarium, or love offering is encouraged. As a faith-based ministry all love gifts received help fund our mission work.

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