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Debbie Milligan is the President and Founder of Healing Wings Ministries. She effectively ministers as a seasoned musician, worship leader, speaker, and teacher.  As an ordained minister of the Gospel, Debbie speaks with great authority about real life issues that have been forged in the fires of her own life experience.
Debbie was radically saved in 1980. From the ache of a fatherless childhood to the pain of teen years plagued with hard core drugs and alcohol abuse, Debbie’s intimate walk with Jesus has enabled her to overcome many storms. Even after many years of domestic violence, she testifies to God’s miraculous exchange of beauty for ashes. Debbie’s bold transparency creates a safe refuge, inviting the listener to find shelter from the storm.

A recording artist since 1993, Debbie ministers worldwide to audiences full of broken, bound, and spiritually lost souls through her songs. Reaching out with hope for healing and freedom, Debbie crafts moving lyrics about the transformational love of Jesus Christ. Passionately driven by her mandate, Debbie sets a banquet where people can flourish in the totality of salvation, be reconciled to the Lover of their Soul, and walk confidently in God’s original design for wholeness.

Debbie flows effortlessly both as a solo artist and worship leader. Her strong sultry alto voice disarms and impacts the heart. Debbie also ministers in a band setting through powerful vocals and her percussive acoustic guitar style. Whether it is on the blues stage at motorcycle rallies, a stripped-down platform in prison, or as an integrated member of a local church worship team, Debbie purposes to flow with the heartbeat of Heaven in order to create an exceptional sound of worship.    

Critical to her role as a worship leader, Debbie generates synergy within the worship team to bring worshipers into deep pools of untapped worship encounters. She also loves to use worship as a tool to break open hard ground on the mission field, as well as partner with full time missionaries in spreading the Gospel.

Debbie has recorded four albums, “Teach Me to Dance in the Rain,” “Sweet Forgiveness,” “Below the Surface,” and “Come On.” Currently, she is recording her fifth CD, which is due to be released soon.
The song, “Teach Me to Dance in the Rain,” is the title cut off her first project. This is Debbie’s signature song and musical identity. It communicates joy in the midst of the storms; a message that she has mastered through her own life.

"I learned early on as a Christian that if I was going to have joy in the midst of the storms, I couldn't depend on the circumstances in my life. I learned that Jesus Christ is my source and as long as I stayed plugged into Him, I could experience joy, hope, and peace no matter if it was raining or not. You see, we can dance in the storms of our life because God is the One that we dance with!"

Debbie has a wonderful marriage to Randy Johnson. Together they enjoy great adventures on their Harleys. Mirroring their passion to rescue lost and broken souls, they also share a desire to rescue animals.

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