Concerts, Worship Events, and Speaking Engagements

As an effective communicator, Debbie Milligan delivers a timely word through music and speaking regardless the culture, space, or size of audience.  

Debbie flows effortlessly both as a solo artist and worship leader. Her strong sultry alto voice disarms and impacts the heart. Debbie also ministers in a band setting through powerful vocals and her percussive acoustic guitar style. Whether it is on the blues stage at motorcycle rallies, a stripped-down platform in prison, or as an integrated member of a local church worship team, Debbie purposes to flow with the heartbeat of Heaven in order to create an exceptional sound of worship.    

Critical to her role as a worship leader, Debbie generates synergy within the worship team to bring worshipers into deep pools of untapped worship encounters. She also loves to use worship as a tool to break open hard ground on the mission field, as well as partner with full time missionaries in spreading the Gospel.
"Many times I have known Debbie to step up to a microphone and fill an auditorium holding over a thousand people’s attention with just her remarkable voice and guitar." ~ Maryellen Stipe, Director of Pastoral Care and Women’s Ministries – Colorado

Worship Events and Concerts

Invite our team to lead your church in an evening of intimate prayer and worship or host us for a worshipful concert woven with original songs and inspiration stories.  
“Debbie is an anointed, Holy Spirit led worship leader, who glorifies the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Debbie’s unique vocal style and heart for bringing people into the presence of God through deep worship, with a sensitivity to the Holy Spirit and His direction, sets her apart and brings a powerful dynamic that lifts people to a higher level of worship individually and corporately.”           
~ Pastor Thompson, Gateway on Mt Zion - Colorado
“From the very first song, my tortured soul and mind began to ease and feel a peace that had been lost to me that day. As Debbie continued to sing and share, hope and joy started to return and some of the questions I had been struggling with that day were answered by the Lord through Debbie and her music. The lyrics of her songs just penetrated to the depths of my heart. That night a healing took place that kept me going and spurred me on to seek more of God and a deeper relationship with him. I am so grateful for Debbie that night, and what God did through her in touching my life in a way that was changed forever.” ~ Concert Guest - Colorado

“Debbie was a tremendous blessing to me personally as a pastor as well as our congregation. She has a true heart for ministry and sensitivity to the Spirit of God…it was a delight to deal with someone whose focus was more on what God wanted to accomplish than what they wanted to achieve.” ~ Pastor Pittman, Calvary Worship Center - Colorado Springs

Sozo Gatherings (House concerts and worship nights)

Scheduling an acoustic concert or worship night in your home allows your friends to interact with the Lord, as well as one another in a way that no other venue allows. ‘Sozo’ being the Greek word for saved, healed and delivered, your home then becomes a saturated atmosphere for strategic outreach, personal ministry, prayer and beautiful conversation.

Every gathering is customized for your guests; whether close friends, a bible study or other church gathering, or an open-invite event. If you’re interested in hosting an unforgettable gathering for 10-40 of your people, we’d love to help.
“We cannot thank you enough for what God has done through you for our daughter. There was truly a healing that day for her...the pain in her heart is gone.” ~ A Grateful Mother - Wyoming  


In addition to leading worship for your next conference, both Debbie and Robin are available as key note speakers
“We still hear people frequently refer to your workshop as a powerful event… it impacted a number of lives with God’s love and healing grace.” ~ Pastor Vanden Langenberg, Faith Church - Wisconsin

“I so needed the victory over my past. This came by our corporate prayer and profession.
I slept well after I got a powerful personal word from God through Debbie and Robin! The best part were the words He gave me sitting in His presence. Only eternity knows how powerful your grace and mercy were to us who were able to be here. Thank you with all my heart.” ~ Retreat Attendee - California
“When Debbie talked about soul ties being between a mother and a child like an umbilical cord, I thought there might be something there. I was totally delivered of an overwhelming depression that has hit me for the last 2 1/2 years.” 
~ Ministry Leader - California

Community Outreach

In a musical capacity, HWM can facilitate your event by disarming the unreached with their contemporary sound and evangelical message of God’s love.  
“Debbie has just returned from Africa where hundreds of people were brought to Christ in many concerts with packed audiences. To evangelists like ourselves, her ability to communicate the gospel clearly through both her music and her message is a great gift we treasure in reaching lost people.”
~ Evangelist Lucien Behar - Florida

Recovery Groups

Consider inviting Debbie as a special guest or to host an intimate time of worship where she uses her own story to bring encouragement and hope to others on the same journey.